Published in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of the American Record Guide Dr. Mark Lehman reviewed the CD ARS 38492 Sauter String Trios performed by the "Deutsches Streichtrio"
Ernest Sauter is a German composer born in 1928 who’s lived in France since his twenties. His three string trios are recent (dating from 1990 to 2007).

Comparison with Hans Werner Henze`s 1998 String Trio, written at the same time as Sauter`s in much same fluid, intuitive atonal idiom, shows how much more self-critical and painstaking an artist Sauter is. Henze often seems arbitrary and undisciplined, tossing off notes with great facility but little care or thoughtfulness. Sauter, by contrast, achieves both much more expressive power and architectural (though entirely sui generis) logic. For despite - and also because of - its chromatic density, Sauter`s is music of intricate delicacy, ineffable purity, and tender sadness.
It has a genuinely remarkable feeling of heightened introspection that seems continually on the verge of some profound, numinous revelation - one of the very few post-1950 chamber compositions. Sauters trios aren’t particularly easy to assimilate (though their dominant timbral quality is sweet rather than harsh), and I don’t recommend listening to all three straight through. But apprehension and appreciation of them grows with time, and I’ve come to think of them as contemporary masterpieces.